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Paul O'Dette - Melchior Neusidler - Lute Music (2009)


LABEL: harmonia
TYPE: Album
GENRE: Classical
TIME: 77:46 min
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

01.Wie Mocht Ich Frolich Werden 01:48
02.Ricercar Terzo 03:50
03.Ung Gai Bergier 02:48
04.Pass E Mezzo Antico Con Il Suo Saltarel 04:48
05.Der Fuggerin Dantz 02:08
06.Ricercar Secondo Primo 05:16
07.Ich Gieng Einmal Spatzieren 02:34
08.O Felici Occhi Miei 03:04
09.Ricercar Secondo 03:03
10.Beschaffens Gluck Ist Unversammpt 02:45
11.Fantasia 02:26
12.Des Dorisanen Dantz Mit Hupffauff 01:53
13.Phantasia 06:26
14.Cara Mia Dolce Stella 03:39
15.Chi Passa Per Sta Strada 02:26
16.Wann Ich Des Morgens Fruh Auffsteh 02:29
17.O Sio Potessi Donna 04:33
18.Fantasia 21 04:25
19.Nun Lob Mein Seel Den Herren Psalm 103 00:59
20.Herr Gott Nun Sey Gepreyset 01:38
21.Joseph Lieber Joseph Mein 03:00
22.Pass E Mezzo E Saltarello 03:29
23.Ancor Che Col Partire 03:20
24.Fantasia Super Ancor Che Col Partire 04:59
Paul_O_Dette-Melchior_Neusidler-Lute_Music-2009-SNOOK [by Kyler].rar 102.95 Мб


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Presents Stanford-Symphonies Nos 3 and 6 (2009)


LABEL: xos
TYPE: Album
GENRE: Classical
TIME: 80:17 min
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new

01.Allegro Con Brio 08:12
02.Adagio Molto Espressivo 14:02
03.Presto 04:48
04.Poco Allegro 10:30
05.Allegro Moderato 12:31
06.Allegro Molto 06:59
07.Andante Con Moto 11:59
08.Allegro Moderato 11:16
Bournemouth_Symphony_Orchestra-Presents_Stanford-Symphonies_Nos_3_and_6-2009-SNOOK [by Kyler].rar 108.28 Мб


Gesa Lücker - Mozart & Prokofiev - Sonatas and other works (2009)


Host 1 CD DDD
Cat.№ GEN 89153

The German pianist Gesa Lucker made her concerto debut aged 12. She has been a prize-winner in national and international competitions and has performed in major halls such as the NDR Radio Hall, Hannover, the Yamaha Hall and Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Wigmore Hall in London.Gesa gained the concert diploma from the University of Music and Drama Hannover under the guidance of Martin Dorrie and Matti Raekallio, and she received further inspiration and ideas from musicians such as Arie Vardi, Fabio Bidini and Jerome Rose. In addition to her concert life, she holds a lectureship teaching piano at the University for Music and Drama Hannover and she has frequently been a jury member in national and international competitions.

A brilliant feat is presented by award-winning pianist Gesa Lucker on her debut disc with GENUIN classics. From the high-spirited beginning of Mozart’s G major sonata from 1775 all the way to the wild chase in the final movement of Prokofiev's 1944 Sonata No. 8, listeners are treated to a recital wholly of a piece which fully deserves to be heard in one sitting. It is not only the intensity and beauty of tone which Lucker calls forth from every phrase, it is also her compelling sense of dramaturgy in having the smaller Mozart piece form a bridge between the two larger works. Her playing on this CD appeals to the heart and the mind, to the emotions and intellect of listeners. The excitement of a live performance shines through!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata No. 5 in G major, KV 283
1) Allegro
2) Andante
3) Presto
4) Adagio in B minor, KV 540
5) Rondo in D major, KV 485
6) Gigue in G major, KV 574
Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953)
Sonata No. 8 in flat major, op. 84
7) Andante dolce
8) Andante sognando
9) Vivace
Gesa Lucker - Mozart & Prokofiev - Sonatas and other works (2009) [by Kyler].rar 81.27 Мб


Paavali Jumppanen - Boulez The three piano sonatas (2005)


Label Deutsche Grammophon 20/21 Series
Host 1 CD DDD
Cat.№ 477 5328 5 GH

The piano was central to Boulez's composing at the time of his prodigious start: by the age of 23 he had written the first two of these sonatas, other solo pieces, chamber works strongly featuring the instrument (the Sonatina with flute, the initial version of his first big vocal work, Le Visage nuptial) and a concertante piece, later destroyed by accident. Such an output suggests ambitions as a pianist-composer, yet Boulez was not writing for himself. He seems never to have performed his massive Second Sonata in public, and the Third he played only during its first run of performances. The piano was the voice not of his performing persona but of his creative mind. It was a voice coming - to quote a remark he made at the time about Schoenberg's op. 11 pieces - from “a percussive piano which is at the same time remarkably prone to frenzy".
For the first movement of the First Sonata (May-June 1946) all the essential material is contained in four opening gestures: a rising minor sixth, an appoggiatura, an isolated note and a brusque, brilliant arpeggio. What follows, in the slow sections, is unpredictable extrapolation, interrupted by or combined with a quicker, stuttering kind of toccata. The second movement also begins slowly with simple cells that spread right across the keyboard, but such music is soon almost lost behind two new and distinct types in alternation: a two-part staccato counterpoint in almost continuous regular notes and a flexible, supple, legato hazing of lines. Here, Charles Rosen has suggested, the piano becomes a vibraphone, whereas elsewhere in the sonata it is more cimbalom or xylophone.
The Second Sonata (1947-48) is on a quite dif-ferent scale, challenging Beethoven's “Hammerklavier" Sonata in its expanse, its rhetoric and its fugal finale. This was deservedly the first of Boulez's works to be published, and it did much to establish his early reputation, thanks to performances in Europe by his classmates Yvette Grimaud and Yvonne Loriod, and in the United States by David Tudor. But its nature as a monument is equivocal, for though it makes a parade of traditional forms (sonata allegro, bipartite slow movement, scherzo with three trios, finale with two fugues), these are evoked only to be annihilated. In the composer's words, “the Second Sonata does have this explosive, disintegrating and dispersive character, and in spite of its own very restricting form the destruction of all these classical moulds was quite deliberate".
Destruction in the opening movement builds on the methods of the First Sonata, especially in that extension from a few intervallic-rhythmic cells alternates with their obliteration in dense counterpoint or charges of chords. But now everything is larger, more powerful - not least the abrupt chordal onslaughts that reinject the music with energy whenever it shows signs of flagging or reaching a dead end. These bursts strive towards even rhythmic motion, then move up a gear before contrapuntal music returns “rapide et violent". Points of strained standstill arrive when notes are fixed in register, but the principal character is one of intemperate force.
Contrastingly fluid and leisurely, the second movement is interrupted by brief segments going faster or slower, often injected between pauses. (This notion of the musical parenthesis was to be developed in the Third Sonata.) Meanwhile, the basic thread is a palindrome, though considerably disguised.
In another contrast, the brief third movement is simple, almost playful: four scherzo sections, recognizably related (they are statement, retrograde inversion, restatement and retrograde), are separated by three trios forming variations on the same figures.
Then the fourth movement is as ramified as the first. Beginning with desperate suggestions around the basic ideas, it plunges into the bass for an ominous serial statement that gives rise to the first quasi-fugue. This settles into a soft “grisaille sonore", but soon come motifs hurled out “dans une nuance forte, exasperee". Another, longer contrapuntal development leads to a climax of vehemence, with such markings as “encore plus violent" and “pulveriser le son". Finally the music arrives at tranquillity, or exhaustion, with the series returning as a sequence of four motifs to be mused upon.
Where the first two sonatas were the works of a young man in Paris, the Third (1955-57) was written by the internationally renowned composer of Le Marteau sans maitre. The serial techniques he had discovered in that work - techniques of endless transformation - had given him a new attitude to form. In an essay on the new sonata (“Sonate, que me veux-tu?") he reflected on how “definitive, once-and-for-all developments seem no longer appropriate to present-day musical thought, ... which is increasingly concerned with the investigation of a relative world, a permanent discovering". Where tonal gravitation had provided the impetus for directed musical processes, serial thought invited composer, performer and listener into “a universe in perpetual expansion", a world not of paths but of labyrinths.
Hence the Third Sonata, designed in five “formants" (not movements, because they do not move forward so much as multifariously ebb and flow), to be played in almost any order having the biggest - Constellation, or Constellation-Miroir in its published retrograde version - central. Printed, like Mallarme's poem Un coup de des, as a network of lines floating on the paper, Constellation-Miroir can similarly be read in many different ways: at the end of each sequence the player is offered a choice from up to four places to go next, within a broad form of alternating “points" (music made from single notes) and “blocks" (music in chords and arpeggios). This “formant" begins with a short mixed section, followed by three phases of points separated by two of blocks.
In Trope the frame itself is mutable, since the four sections - “Texte", “Commentaire", “Glose" and “Parenthese" - can be alternatively ordered, allowing the relatively elementary “Texte" to come before, after or in the middle of its elaborations. Within “Commentaire" and “Parenthese", too, there is room for choice, whether or not to play interpolations. These, bracketed off in the printed music, connect the piece, through the slow movement of the Second Sonata, to the medieval practice of troping chants, i.e. inserting embellishments. As in Constellation-Miroir, the piano is used very much as a resonator, with the pedals employed to capture and prolong echoes from attacks that are over.
Even unheard, the three further formants, long delayed in Boulez's greater storehouse of works in progress, add to this sonata a larger sense of potentiality. (Paul Griffiths)
Piano Sonata No.1
1) 1. Lent - Beaucoup plus allant [5:06]
2) 2. Assez large - Rapide [4:38]
Piano Sonata No.2
3) 1. Extremement rapide [6:04]
4) 2. Lent [11:42]
5) 3. Modere, presque vif [2:32]
6) 4. Vif [10:48]
Piano Sonata No.3
Formant 2 - Trope
7) Parenthese [2:33]
8) Glose [1:26]
9) Commentaire [2:20]
10) Texte [1:21]
Formant 3 - Miroir
11) Melange [0:28]
12) Points 3 [1:43]
13) Blocs II [3:24]
14) Points 2 [1:58]
15) Blocs I [3:06]
16) Points 1 [0:43]
Paavali Jumppanen Boulez The three piano sonatas (2005) [by Kyler].rar 82.80 Мб


    очки: 30
    Благодарю Вас за новую музыку. Будем слушать. ;)


Jon Lord and RLPO - To Notice Such Things (2010)


Rel. Date: 2010-05-10
Genre: Classical
Label: Avie
Source: CD
Type: Album
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

1. As I Walked Out One Evening 4:17
2. At Court 5:33
3. Turville Heath 3:02
4. The Stick Dance 4:45
5. The Winter Of A Dormouse 5:34
6. Afterwards 3:56
7. Evening Song (Instrumental Version) 8:17
8. For Example 9:15
9. Air On The Blue String 6:40
10. Afterwards (Poem) 3:01
2010 release by Deep Purples keyboardist of four
orchestral works performed with the Royal
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. A poignant
tribute to his long time friend, the late John
Jon_Lord_and_RLPO-To_Notice_Such_Things-2010-GRAVEWISH [by Kyler].rar 75.56 Мб


Emmanuelle Haim - Plays George Frideric Handel - Trionfo (2 cd) (2010)


LABEL.......: virgin
TYPE........: Album
GENRE.......: Classical
TRACKS......: 55
TIME........: cd1: 72:18 cd2: 73:10
BiTRATE/MODE: avg. 180kbps / VBR
Encoder.....: LAME v3.97 -V2 vbr-new

01.Sonata 04:54
02.Aria 04:59
03.Recitativo 00:25
04.Aria 03:08
05.Recitativo 00:21
06.Aria 04:04
07.Recitativo 00:16
08.Aria 03:29
09.Recitativo 00:15
10.Aria 07:05
11.Recitativo 00:10
12.Duetto 05:02
13.Recitativo 00:29
14.Aria 03:54
15.Recitativo 00:57
16.Aria 02:14
17.Aria 02:35
18.Recitativo 01:30
19.Sonata 02:35
20.Aria 03:44
21.Recitativo 00:13
22.Aria 03:18
23.Aria 07:53
24.Recitativo 00:51
25.Aria 03:29
26.Recitativo 00:19
27.Quartetto 04:09
01.Recitativo 01:00
02.Aria 03:21
03.Recitativo 00:46
04.Aria 06:58
05.Recitativo 00:13
06.Aria 03:58
07.Recitativo 00:21
08.Aria 03:45
09.Recitativo 00:39
10.Aria 04:52
11.Recitativo 00:12
12.Aria 02:16
13.Recitativo 00:18
14.Quartetto 03:54
15.Recitativo 01:14
16.Aria 06:26
17.Recitativo 00:28
18.Aria 05:17
19.Recitativo 00:17
20.Aria 02:13
21.Recitativo 00:39
22.Aria 04:03
23.Recitativo 00:45
24.Aria 06:25
25.Recitativo 00:29
26.Aria 05:29
27.Recitativo 00:47
28.Aria 06:05
Emmanuelle_Haim-Plays_George_Frideric_Handel-Trionfo-2CD-2010-SNOOK [by Kyler].rar 187.39 Мб


John Ireland - Sextet - Clarinet Trio - Fantasy Sonata (2010)


LABEL.......: naxos
TYPE........: Album
GENRE.......: Classical
TRACKS......: 09
TIME........: 66:21 min
BiTRATE/MODE: avg. 178kbps / VBR
Encoder.....: LAME v3.97 -V2 vbr-new

01.Trio in D for Clarinet Cello and Piano 08:08
02.Trio in D for Clarinet Cello and Piano 04:20
03.Trio in D for Clarinet Cello and Piano 10:53
04.Fantasy Sonata for Clarinet and Piano 13:33
05.The Holy Boy for Clarinet and Piano 02:44
06.Sextet for Clarinet Horn and String All 07:33
07.Sextet for Clarinet Horn and String Con 07:13
08.Sextet for Clarinet Horn and String Int 03:57
09.Sextet for Clarinet Horn and String in 08:00
John_Ireland-Sextet-Clarinet_Trio-Fantasy_Sonata-2010-SNOOK [by Kyler].rar 85.62 Мб


Claudio Abbado - Pergolesi - Missa S. Emidio (2010)


Label........: Archiv
Genre........: Classical
source.......: CDDA
rip.date.....: 18-05-2010
quality......: VBR/44,1Hz/Joint-Stereo

track title time

01. kyrie (i) eleison 00:45
02. christe eleison 02:28
03. kyrie (ii) eleison 00:58
04. gloria in excelsis deo 02:41
05. laudamus te 02:08
06. gratias agimus tibi 03:48
07. domine deus 04:13
08. qui tollis peccata mundi (i) 02:16
09. qui tollis peccata mundi (ii) 04:04
10. qui sedes ad dexteram patris 02:20
11. quoniam tu solus sanctus 01:48
12. cum sancto spiritu. amen 02:40
13. salve regina 04:39
14. ad te clamamus 04:44
15. eia ergo 01:33
16. et jesum benedictum 02:18
17. o clemens o pia 02:10
18. recicativo- e dover che le luci 02:09
19. aria- manca la guida al pie 06:35
20. laudate pueri dominum 03:05
21. a solis ortu 03:38
22. excelsus super omnes 02:06
23. qui sicut dominus 02:05
24. suscitans a terra 02:29
25. gloria patri 02:54
26. sicut erat in principio 02:16

Runtime 72:50 min
Size 92,6 MB

Release Notes:

Just enjoy !
Claudio_Abbado-Pergolesi-Missa_S_Emidio-2010-JUST [by Kyler].rar 92.59 Мб


Daniel Hope - Air. A Baroque Journey (2009)


GENRE...[ classical
GRABBER.[ grabber inc.
LABEL...[ universal grammophon
ENCODER.[ lame 9
QUALiTY.[ avg. 170kbps
SOURCE..[ cdda
MODE....[ joint-stereo
PLAYTIME[ 63:41 min
REL.DATE[ 05.26.2010
TRACKS..[ 24

01 falconieri - ciaccona 03:15
02 handel - sarabanda hvw 437 03:09
03 ortiz - ricercata segunda 01:26
04 falconieri - la suave melodia 03:11
05 marini - passcalia 3 & 4 03:39
(from per ogni sorte dstromento, op. 22)
06 matteis - diverse bizzarrie sopra la vecchia 04:19
sarabanda o pur ciacconna
07 pachelbel - canon & gigue- canon 03:41
08 pachelbel - canon & gigue- gigue 01:28
09 telemann - concerto for violin, strings and 02:59
basso continuo- 1 adagio
10 telemann - concerto for violin, strings and 02:22
basso continuo- 2 allegro
11 telemann - concerto for violin, strings and 01:43
basso continuo- 3 presto
12 von westhoff - imitazione della campane 01:55
(from sonate a violino solo, sonata iii)
13 matteis - ground after the scotch humour 01:52
(from ayrs for the violin, book 4, suite in f majo
14 geminiani - concerto grosso no. 5 in g major 03:02
(arr. of corelli- sonate op. 5 no. 5)- 1 adagio
15 geminiani - concerto grosso no. 5 in g major 01:38
(arr. of corelli- sonate op. 5 no. 5)- 2 vivace
16 geminiani - concerto grosso no. 5 in g major 02:45
(arr. of corelli- sonate op. 5 no. 5)- 3 adagio
17 geminiani - concerto grosso no. 5 in g major 01:46
(arr. of corelli- sonate op. 5 no. 5)- 4 allegro
18 valente - gagliarde napolitane 01:52
(arr. olivier fours)
19 falconieri - passcalle 3 02:57
20 leclair - tambourin 01:45
21 anon. - greensleeves to a ground 04:42
(arr. olivier fours)
22 von westhoff - la guerra nominate di sua maest 00:47
(from sonata in a major la guerra)
23 imitatione del liuto 02:27
(from sonate a violino solo, sonate ii)
24 bach - air (from overture bwv 1068) 05:01

TOTAL: 63:41
Daniel_Hope--Air._A_Baroque_Journey-2009-OMA [by Kyler].rar 77.70 Мб


золотой голос сопрано

Renee Fleming - Dark Hope (2010)


Encoder : LAME v3.97 -V 2 vbr-new
Mode : Joint Stereo
Bitrate : 178 kbps avg
Rip Date : 2010-06-04
Rel Date : 2010-06-04

1 Endlessly 3:59
2 No Ones Gonna Love You 3:41
3 Oxygen 4:15
4 Today 3:22
5 Intervention 4:19
6 With Twilight As My Guide 5:33
7 Mad World 3:53
8 In Your Eyes 5:01
9 Stepping Stone 3:26
10 Soul Meets Body 3:11
11 Hallelujah 7:39

Рене́ Фле́минг (англ. Renée Fleming; 14 февраля 1959, Индиана, Пеннсильвания, США) — американская оперная певица, которую называют «золотым стандартом сопрано», «лицом сегодняшней Америки в области классического вокала» и «одной из немногих истинных суперзвезд нашего времени».

Родилась в семье музыкантов, преподавателей вокала. Училась в Истменовской школе музыки у Джен Де Гаэтани, затем в Джульярдской школе у Беверли Пек.
Дебютировала в 1986 году в партии Констанцы («Похищение из сераля» Моцарта). С 1988 года — в «Ковент Гарден». С 1991 года — солистка «Метрополитен Опера», однако регулярно выступает в самых разных театрах мира. Международная карьера Флеминг началась в 1996 году записью диска с оперой Моцарта «Так поступают все». Принимала участие во множестве музыкальных фестивалей, в том числе в Моцарт-фестивале в Линкольн-центре (США), международном фестивале в Сантандере (Испания), фестивале в Люцерне (Швейцария), фестивале «Дворцы Петербурга» (Россия).

«Коронной ролью» Флеминг считается партия графини Альмавива в «Свадьбе Фигаро».

Премии и награды
1988 — Премия Ричарда Такера
1988 — Премия Джорджа Лондона
1988 — Лауреат Международного вокального конкурса в Бельгии
1998 — Премия «Грэмми» за сборник арий «The Beautiful Voice — Works Of Charpentier, Gounod, Massenet & Flotow»
1998 — Премия «Граммофон» за запись оперы «Русалка» Дворжака
1998 — Международная премия «Эдисон» за запись оперы «Русалка» Дворжака
1998 — Премия «Caecilia Award» (Бельгия) за запись оперы «Русалка» Дворжака
2002 — Премия «Грэмми» за сборник арий «Bel Canto — Bellini, Donizetti & Rossini»
2002 — Командор Ордена искусств и литературы Франции
2005 — Орден Почётного легиона (Франция)
2008 — Полярная музыкальная премия (Швеция)
2008 — Премия журнала Opera News (США)
2008 — приз «Муза» фестиваля «Дворцы Санкт-Петербурга» (Россия)

1993 — «Армида», дирижёр Даниэле Гатти (Армида)
1994 — «Свадьба Фигаро», дирижёр Бернард Хайтинк (Графиня Альмавива)
1994 — «Розмонда Английская», дирижёр Дэвид Перри (Розмонда КлифФорд)
1994 — «Иродиада», дирижёр Валерий Гергиев (Саломея)
1996 — «Так поступают все», дирижёр Георг Шолти (Фьордилиджи)
1996 — «Отелло», дирижёр Джеймс Ливайн (Дездемона)
1996 — «Дон Жуан», дирижёр Георг Шолти (Донна Анна)
1997 — «Таис», дирижёр Ив Абель (Таис)
1998 — «Русалка», дирижёр Чарльз Маккеррас (Русалка)
1998 — «Трамвай „Желание“», дирижёр Андре Превен (Бланш Дюбуа)
1999 — «Альцина», дирижёр Уильям Кристи (Альцина)
2000 — «Дон Жуан», дирижёр Джеймс Ливайн (Донна Анна)
2001 — «Манон», дирижёр Хесус Лопес Кобос (Манон)
2002 — «Русалка», дирижёр Джеймс Конлон (Русалка)
2004 — «Каприччо», дирижёр Ульф Ширмер (Графиня)
2005 — «Дафна», дирижёр Семён Бычков (Дафна)
2006 — «Травиата», дирижёр Джеймс Конлон (Виолетта Валери)
2007 — «Евгений Онегин», дирижёр Валерий Гергиев (Татьяна)

Интересные факты
* Кроме Рене Флеминг, в 2008 году Полярную музыкальную премию получили музыканты группы Pink Floyd, которые признались, что никогда до этого не слышали пения своей коллеги. В свою очередь, Флеминг знает музыку Pink Floyd очень хорошо.
* Рене Флеминг посвящены духи La Voce и десерт известного нью-йоркского шеф-повара Даниэля Булю La Diva Renee.
Renee_Fleming-Dark_Hope-2010-FRAY [by Kyler].rar 61.86 Мб


Молодой, но уже достаточно известный австралийский оперный певец, обладающий превосходным вокалом.

Mark Vincent - My Dream Mio Visione (Platinum Edition) (2009)


Label : Warner Mus
Genre : Opera
Bitrate : 180 kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Rls date : 2010-07-07

Mark Vincent (born September 4, 1993 in Caringbah, New South Wales) is an Australian opera singer. Vincent won Australia's Got Talent on 22 April 2009. His main inspiration is his late grandfather, Bruno, who raised him and taught him how to sing. Vincent has said that he would like to follow in the footsteps of his idol Anthony Warlow. He also stated that he admired opera singers Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.

Vincent is a student at De La Salle College, Caringbah where he likes to play soccer. He hopes to study at the Conservatorio di Musica Giuseppe Verdi (the Milan Conservatory), the leading musical institution in Italy where Giacomo Puccini also studied.

Mark Vincent

Born September 4, 1993 (age 16)
Caringbah, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Opera
Occupations Singer
Years active 2009–present
Website www.markvincent.com.au
01. Nessun Dorma 3:12
02. Time To Say Goodbye 4:08
03. Hallelujah 3:23
04. My Way 4:06
05. You Raise Me Up 4:04
06. Ave Maria 4:39
07. This Is The Moment 3:18
08. The Prayer 4:16
09. No Matter What (Duet With Jal Joshua) 4:37
10.Unchained Melody 3:55
11.Memory 4:14
12.The Impossible Dream 5:06
13.Mama 3:23
14.Lying In The Silence 4:17
15.Grown Up Christmas List 4:47
16.Advance Australia Fair 1:27
Mark_Vincent-My_Dream_Mio_Visione_(Platinum_Edition)-2009-WRE [by Kyler].rar 81.49 Мб


Laurent Korcia - Cinema (2009)


Genre...........: Classical
Label...........: EMI Classics
Catnr...........: 5099926578224
Source..........: CDDA
Street.Date.....: 16-03-2009
Quality.........: VBR/44.1kHz/Joint Stereo
Url.............: http://www.korciacinema.com/

01. Cinema Paradiso 3:13
02. Porgy And Bess: It Aint Necessarily So 2:25
03. Intermezzo 3:13
04. Mission Impossible 2:22
05. Lestate (Summer) 3 Presto 2:28
06. Dansas Espaolas Number 5 3:15
07. Lhomme De Sa Vie 2:43
08. Les Valseuses 2:45
09. Moon River 1:36
10. Smile 1:36
11. Weeping Willows 1:33
12. Schindlers List Theme 3:45
13. Fuzjkos Waltz 3:50
14. Yumejis Theme 2:27
15. Speak Softly Love 2:20
16. Por Una Cabeza (La Comparsita) 3:39
17. Pory And Bess: Summertime 2:15
18. Innocente 2:17
19. Danse Macabre 5:21
20. Some Day My Prince Will Come 3:01

Runtime: 56:04 min
Laurent_Korcia-Cinema-2009-CFD [by Kyler].rar 69.99 Мб


Maurice Steger - Venezia 1625 (2010)


LABEL.......: Hm
TYPE........: Album
GENRE.......: Classical
BiTRATE/MODE: avg. 188kbps / VBR
Encoder.....: LAME v3.97 -V2 vbr-new

01.Sonata II 06:36
02.Symphonia XX La Virmingarda 02:06
03.Sonata Xxvi Sopra La Prosperina 04:14
04.Aria Sopra La Bergamasca 03:32
05.Sonata III 04:56
06.Improvisation Sopra La Ciaccona 01:30
07.Chiaccona 02:43
08.Sonata IV 04:51
09.Symphonia XIV La Foschina 02:51
10.Sinfonia XI in Eco 01:52
11.Sonata II 05:54
12.Symphonia XVII La Stucharda 01:03
13.Canzon XVII La Monteverde 03:26
14.Canzon La Pighetta 05:55
15.Toccata 2 02:17
16.Sonata 6 06:25
17.Canzon La Strada 03:14
18.Sonata II Detta La Luciminia Contenta 04:03
Maurice_Steger-Venezia_1625-2010-SNOOK [by Kyler].rar 91.99 Мб


Jordi Savall, Dominique Fernandez - Lachrimae Caravaggio


Jordi Savall, Lachrimae Caravaggio, Hesperion XXI, Le Concert Des Nations

Жанр: Classical, chamber, Baroque
Страна-производитель диска: Austria
Год издания диска: 2007
Издатель (лейбл): AliaVox
Дата записи: 2006
Аудиокодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 77:41
Источник: собственный рип
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: да

1. Cantus Caravaggio 1
2. 1 Lachrimae Tristes
3. Deploratio 1
4. Planctus Caravaggio 1
5. Extasis
6. Fantasia (d'apres Gesualdo)
7. 2 Lachrimae Invocantis
8. Sinfonia Di Guerra (d'apres Monteverdi)
9. Pugna & Damnatio
10. Imploratio
11. Deploratio 2
12. Concentus (d'apres Rossi)
13. 3 Lachrimae Dolcissima
14. Durezze e ligature (d'apres Trabaci)
15. Passacaglia 'Umbrae'
16. Cantus Caravaggio 2 'O Lux'
17. 4 Lachrimae Amara
18. Transitio
19. Passacaglia 'Libertas'
20. 5 Lachrimae Dolente
21. Deploratio 3
22. Consonanze Stravaganti (d'apres Trabaci)
23. Cantus Caravaggio 3 'Extempore'
24. 6 Lachriamae Gementes
25. Spiritum Morientis
26. Liberatio
27. Deploratio 4
28. 7 Lachrimae Exultantes
29. Planctus Caravaggio 2
30. Cantus Caravaggio 4 'In Memoriam


Чешская камерная классика *выкладка 1*

Бедржих Сметана
Бе́држих Сме́тана (чеш. Bedřich Smetana [ˈbɛdr̝ɪx ˈsmɛtana], при крещении получил имя Фри́дрих (нем. Friedrich); 2 марта 1824, Литомишль — 12 мая 1884, Прага) — чешский композитор, пианист и дирижёр, основоположник чешской национальной композиторской школы.

Посмотреть вложение 2058153

Камерное творчество:
Струнный Квартет №1 ми минор "Из моей жизни", Струнный Квартет №2 ре минор
Исполняет Квартет им. Б. Сметаны

Квартет №1 ми минор "Из моей жизни" в редакции Дж. Села (оркестровый вариант)

Трио соль минор Б. Сметана
Именно с этого произведения появилась традиция "памятных трио", например, великих композиторов...

"Из моей родины" дуэт для скрипки и фортепиано Б. Сметана

    Suum cuique

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Chopin Piano Concertos 1 & 2

The Complete Josef Hofmann, Vol.1
Chopin Piano Concertos 1 & 2


Newly remastered from the original lacquer source
VAI Audio, 2007

Аудио кодек: FLAC
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 79:09

01. Announcement [0:01:21.19]

Chopin, Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor, Op.11
02. Allrgro maestoso [0:15:48.36]
03. Romance (Larghetto) [0:08:46.23]
04. Rondo - Vivace [0:10:14.42]
Live broadcast, March 13, 1938
Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Barbirolli

05. Announcement [0:05:27.30]

Chopin, Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor, Op.21
08. Maestoso [0:12:18.37]
07. Larghetto [0:08:37.43]
08. Allegro - Vivace [0:08:12.01]
Live broadcast, December 27, 1936
Symphony Orchestra conducted by John Barbirolli

09. Interview with Josef Hofmann (January 21, 1956) [0:03:39.61]

10. Chopin, Piano Concerto No.1 - 1st mvt, excerpt [0:04:45.50]
Nov. 6, 1935 (short wave broadcast)
BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hamilton Harty

!Доп. информация: Этот диск - не переиздание "The Complete Josef Hofmann, Vol.1". Это новая реставрация, выполненная весьма тщательно. Звук стал намного чище и даже появились новые оттенки этого гениального исполнения.

Sergej RACHMANINOV (1873-1943)
His Complete Recordings Vol.1
piano concertos 1 & 2



Год издания диска: 2005
Записи выполнены в 1919 - 1940 годах
Битрейт аудио: lossless

Sergei Rachmaninov

Concerto No.2 In C Minor Op.18
01 I Moderato; Allegro
02 II Adagio Sostenuto
03 III Allegro Scherzando

Concerto No.3 In D Minor Op.30
04 I Allegro Ma Non Tanto
05 II Intermezzo; Adagio
06 III Finale; Alla Breve

Sergei Rachmaninov, piano
Philadelphia Orchestra
Leopold Stokowski (Concertos No.2)
Eugene Ormandy (Concertos No.3)


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Афигенно классика звучит в современной обработке. Например, Антонио Вивальди в исполнении DJ Tiesto