Динозавры (Bryce;DAZ Studio;Poser)


UtahraptorDR.rar 33.52 Мб 52.[12-15]


TyrannosaurusDR.rar 26.53 Мб 52.[12-15]

Prehistoric Prey Poses

Prehistoric_Prey_Poses.rar 13.75 Мб 52.[12-15]

Prehistoric Predator Poses

Prehistoric_Predator_Poses.rar 11.04 Мб 52.[12-15]


Немного работ из инета.

3D Content Database 2

Full Description

Finally, an update to the easy-to-use database program designed specifically for DAZaholics! Use it to organize your entire 3D collection, whether products are installed, archived on your computer, or stored on disks. Don't let valuable products go unused simply because you don't remember you have them. Never buy duplicate items again. Easily track and retrieve bundle contents. Access detailed information about your collection even when products disappear from vendor websites. Store serial numbers, clickable links, tutorials, and favorite renders where you'll never lose them.

Put powerful searches and sorts at your fingertips! Browse pictures of outfits, hairstyles, and props. Make a web catalog of all the products you own from a specific vendor or brokered artist. Sort items any way you want, including by title, price, product code, order number, or character.

Answer important questions about your collection that go beyond just finding out if you have a particular item. How much does the platinum club really save you? What is your collection worth, including the value of all those weekly DAZ 3D freebies? Which items are standalone and which require additional products? 3D Content Database 2 can help you quickly answer these questions and many others.

Start today! OrcaSoul's scripts for importing your DAZ 3D purchase history and moving records from one database to another mean you can get most of your collection entered in a couple of hours, instead of a couple of months! It's never been easier to get organized. Remember, every minute you spend looking through order histories, drives, and disks trying to find stuff is time you don't get to spend creating and rendering.


This Product is Available for PC Only

Powerful, fast, and efficient database
Organize your entire 3D collection (up to 10,000 items per database with images)
Use multiple databases or just one
Create your own folders, categories, and vendor lists
Customize icons and adjust interface views
Add, delete, clone, and fill records
Attach files to records as needed
Back up your database, optimize it, and/or restrict access with a password
View pictures of your items, not just product titles
Print meaningful reports
Create Web Catalogs of selected products or all of your items
Drop & Drag from an XML file or a website
Import your entire DAZ Purchase History using OrcaSoul's script. Included free with this version!
Move your data from 3D Content Database 1.x to version 2 using OrcaSoul's powerful Web2XML conversion script.
Import product information directly from 5 popular 3D vendor websites.
User-Friendly, tabbed entry form with cut & paste features
Enter detailed product information, including promo images
Customizable vendor lists (Preset values include DAZ 3D, RDNA, & Renderosity)
Customizable icons, folders, and categories
Enter product URLs, feature lists, and user notes
Use the Render tab to store favorite images of each product and related information
Rapid searching and sorting functions
Search the database for a specific product or order number
List all the items from a particular vendor or Brokered Artist
List items with the same usage rights
Search any field or the entire database for a specific word
Sort products any way you want (e.g., by title, ID, price, category, etc.)
Find duplicate items, track product ID changes, and identify "recycled" product codes.
Special fields increase sorting and searching abilities
Wishlist Items
Mark Items as discontinued, standalone, installed.
Distinguish between Purchased items and Freebies, PC items and other items
Record Regular Price, Sale Price, Your Price, and Platinum Club Price
Package includes:
3D Content Database 2 program with built-in User's manual and all new starter database.
Two scripts by OrcaSoul
A Readme file
rapid 20.07 Мб 57.[144-147]

Bryce 12 WS Terra Scenes Alpha

For easy operation of the materials, skies and terrains are separated in Bryce preset-files for your use in other scenes.

* 12 Epic BR6 Scenes (.BR6)
* 44 Terrain Objects (.OBP)
* 13 Terrain Materials (.MAT)
* 12 Skies (.BSK)

Bryce 12 WS Terra Scenes Alpha.rar 114.26 Мб 57.[144-147]


East Coast HDRI

Full Description

Bryce Tutorial featuring advanced lighting techniques with the aim to produce photorealistic images.

Fully self-contained 29 step tutorial including source files.
Tutorial (pdf format)
Scenes and Materials
29 Scene Files
40 Materials
Two Bonus Scenes
Five Sky Photos
Three HDRI Files
rapid rapid rapid rapid rapid

East Coast HDRI.rar 251.79 Мб 57.[144-147]

Home Planet

Model of Earth featuring high resolution textures (retouched from NASA Earth Observatory images). Supplied scene file for DAZ Studio.

Home_Planet__DS_.rar 15.65 Мб 57.[144-147]

Old Homestead

Poseable Log Cabin with 10 Poseable Props:
(1) Poseable Log Cabin
(1) Poseable Axe
(1) Poseable Basin and Pitcher
(1) Poseable Cabin Bed
(1) Poseable Cabin Table w/long and short benches
(1) Poseable Homestead Fench
(1) Old Pump w/poseable bucket
(1) Poseable Pioneer Chair
(1) Spinning Wheel w/poseable stool
(1) Wooden Bowl w/poseable spoon
(1) Poseable Wood Pile

All high detail and high texture maps w/bump maps

Old_Homestead.rar 38.61 Мб 57.[144-147]

Nuclear Submarine Andrew Jackson (SSBN 619)


Full Description

Built at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA. and launched in September 1962, the Lafayette Class Ballistic Missile Submarine USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN 619) was the nation's 8th nuclear powered submarine. It roamed the seas during the cold war until it was decommissioned in August 1989.


Length 425 ft; Beam 33 ft; Draft 32 ft;
Displacement: Surfaced, 7,260 tons; Submerged, 8,260 tons;
Speed, Surfaced/Submerged 20+ knots;
Crew 120;
Test depth 1,300 ft;
Armament: 16 Polaris missile tubes; four 21' torpedo tubes.
Propulsion: Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactor, two geared turbines at 15,000 shp, one propeller.

This fully textured Bryce model is ready for placement into any Bryce scene. Modular design allows for easy customizing.

16 missile hatches that swing open
2 main hatches that swing open
4 removable torpedo hatches
Propeller can be rotated
Rudder can be pivoted
Texture templates included for easy retexturing
Fully textured Polaris missile included

NuclearSubmarineAndrewJacksonSSBN619.rar 9.19 Мб 57.[144-147]

Nuclear submarine Typhoon

Full Description

Launched in December 1981, the 941-'TK-208' was the first of the six Russian Typhoon-class heavy ballistic missile submarines to enter service. Typhoon-class submarines are the world's largest and were one of the most feared weapons of the Cold War as they prowled the world's oceans. They are quieter than their predecessors, and despite their enormous size, they are also more maneuverable. A few of these submarines may still be in service.

Length: 570 ft (174 m)
Beam: 75 ft (23 m)
Draft: 39 ft (12 m)
Displacement: 24,000 tons surfaced; 40,000 tons submerged
Crew: 150
Armament: 6 torpedo tubes, 20 R-39 ballistic missiles
Maximum Speed: Approx. 26 knots
Maximum Diving Depth: 500 meters
2 pressurized water nuclear reactors, 190 MW each
2 steam turbines, 50,000 hp each
Propellers: two 7 blade fixed-pitch, shrouded.

This fully textured Bryce model is ready for placement into any Bryce scene. Modular design allows for easy customizing.

20 missile hatches that swing open
Six removable torpedo hatches
Two main hatches that swing open
Propellers can rotate
Rudders can pivot
Bow hydroplanes can be retracted or hidden
Two working doors
Antenna and periscope openings include covers
Texture templates included for easy retexturing
Fully textured missile included

NuclearsubmarineTyphoon.rar 18.86 Мб 57.[144-147]

Dark Designs - Volume 2 (Bryce Materials)

Full Description

Dark Designs Volumes 1 and 2 by Laurie S and Moyra can be used independently from each other, but for the greatest versatility they were created to coordinate together.

Dark Designs Volume 2 is a vast set of cutting-edge coordinated stone, ironwork, building details, fabric and stained glass texture resources, with transparency support and bump maps, along with the innovative addition of displacement maps for most of the base files.

10 Bonus Bryce Materials Included!

This product can be used as a merchant resource to create new original texture packs for models
2 seamless brick walls, 1 wrought iron and 2 roofs (1500 x 1500) with bump maps and displacement maps
4 elaborate stone moldings and 3 stone detail designs,in png format for perfect transparency support (where necessary) and with bump maps
1 stone window and 1 stone column, in png format for perfect transparency support and with bump maps
2 seamless ironwork patterns and 3 ironwork decorations, in png format for perfect transparency support and with bump maps
3 seamless stonework patterns and 2 genuine historically patterned fabrics, in png format for perfect transparency support (where necessary) and with bump maps
1 stained glass window and one stained glass pattern with special alpha maps that account for glass distortion and color transparency, for the ultimate in realism
Bonus: 10 Bryce Materials!

Dark_Designs_V2 Bryce Materials.rar 27.31 Мб 57.[144-147]


DAZ Studio Advanced Edition (32 bit)

Год выпуска: 2009
Версия: 3.0 beta
Платформа: Windows XP 32 bit
Системные требования: Pentium IV, 1,8 gHz, Videocard 256 mb (Open GL support), 512 mb RAM
Serial code: SDZADVD-030-0000000-FRU-001-EBTMSVZ
Что нового:
* Animation Keyframe Editor
* Extended COLLADA I/O
* Figure Mixer
* Improved Open GL™ Display
* Improved Render Engine
* Map Transfer
* Morph Follower
* Shader Baker
* Shader Builder
* Shader Mixer
Удобная программа для работы в 3D-среде и анимации персонажей.
Понятный интерфейс. Поддержка некоторых позеровских форматов.
Downloads1 Downloads2

DAZStudio_3.0.1.94_Win32.rar 43.54 Мб 57.[144-147]


DAZ Studio 3 Advanced - расширенная версия популярного набора инструментов для подготовки качественной трехмерной графики и анимации. Программный продукт предусматривает возможность воспроизведения аппаратно ускоренной OpenGL-графики в окне предварительного просмотра, а также предлагает целый набор новых инструментов для манипуляций с камерами и источниками света. Расширенная коммерческая версия программы дает пользователям возможность оценить дополнительные способы рендеринга изображений и расширенную поддержку шейдеров. Кроме того, Daz Studio 3 Advanced предусматривает возможность импорта и экспорта моделей в формате Collada, предлагает средства редактирования ключевых кадров анимации и превосходный инструмент Figure Mixer.

Возможности программы:
• Использование горячих клавиш
• Множественные отмена и повтор действий
• Аппаратное ускорение для предпросмотра OpenGL
• Поддержка функции Drag and Drop
• Импорт пользовательских настроек (из предыдущих версий включительно)
• Мощные функции моделирования
• Функции рендеринга и использования эффектов
• Фотореалистичный рендеринг
• Поддержка многопроцессорных систем
• Поддержка OpenGL
• Поддержка форматов OBJ, OBZ, JPG, DSI, PNG, TIFF, BMP, BHV
• Экспорт в формат AVI
• И многие другие возможности


DAZ Studio Advanced provides advanced hobbyists and professional artists with the features needed to bridge the gap between art and reality. This is accomplished with added render enhancements allowing the artist to control the how, what, and where of rendering. These enhancements in combination with new features will have you rendering like never before. New features include; Figure Mixer, Morph Follower, Shader Builder, Shader Mixer, Shader Baking, aniMate Lite, Map Transfer, and 64-Bit capabilities.

What's Included & Features
DAZ Studio 3 Advanced
Advanced Shaders and Effects - DAZ Studio now includes HDRI, IBL, Ambient Occlusion, Area Lights, Volumetrics, Velvet, Indirect Lighting, Translucency, Layered Anisotropic Specularity, and Sub-Surface Scattering. Special thanks to omnifreaker.
UberEnvironment 2 (by: omnifreaker)
Image Based Lighting (IBL)
High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI)
Global Illumination (GI)
Indirect Lighting
Color Bleeding
Ambient Occlusion
UberSurface (by: omnifreaker)
Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS)
Layered Anisotropic Specularity (hair)
UberArea Lights (by: omnifreaker)
UberVolume [Fog/Smoke] (by: omnifreaker)
Scripted Renderer - Gain full control of the rendering process. If you're into scripting and are familiar with the RenderMan API, this is for you.
Shader Mixer (Advanced Material Editor) - Mix and match over 90 included shader bricks (or design your own) to create custom lights, cameras, and surfaces within a simple node network for amazing render effects.
Figure Mixer - Now you can blend between different figures to create your own unique figures. This tool will not only blend two or more shapes together, but it will also provide a working joint rig and preserve the original morphs of the figure you started from.
Morph Follower - This feature allows you to add support for new figures in old clothing by automatically creating new morphs to fit an unsupported shape.
64-Bit for Windows - This functionality not only makes things go faster, it expands memory support, and allows large scenes to be arranged and rendered much easier.
Map Transfer - This allows you to convert a texture from one figure's UV's so they can be used on another figure's UV's.
Shader Builder - Built for advanced artists who need a deeper level of control and want to create shaders from scratch.
Shader Baker - Bake surface shaders, bump maps, displacement maps, and textures into a single image-based texture for a final-render look straight out of the box. You can then share or sell to other users who may not have the same advanced shaders you use to make it look its best.
Animation Keyframe Editor - Now you can easily see where your keyframes are. Add, delete, copy, paste and/or move your keyframes around with great visual feedback. Special thanks to GoFigure!.

DAZ Studio 3 (core)
Improved Render Engine - DAZ Studio is now compatible with version 8.5 of the powerful 3Delight render engine. Improved performance and memory management reduce render times and handle heavy, complex scenes like never before.
COLLADA Import/Export - Now you can export figures, conforming clothing, morphs, and scenes into Carrara 7.
aniMate Lite - Create animations by dragging and stacking aniBlocks into a timeline. You can also crop, split or combine aniBlocks and/or create completely new sequences. Special thanks to GoFigure!.
Visual Helpers for Cameras and Lights - Provides visual cues for the spread angle and falloff of your spotlights, as well as the limits of your camera's depth of field. Special thanks to Dreamlight.
Selection/Bounding Box Display - Change the opacity, size, color, and length of the selection bounding boxes.
Render Album - Store recent image renders in an album format, which can then be loaded into the Render Editor to perform various editing functions on the image. The editor provides options for blending two images, adjusting colors, comparing images, and applying filters without having to open a separate paint program.
Visible in Render - Added support for whether or not a node's geometry is visible in render without the need to make surfaces transparent.

Размер: 100 Mb (лекарство в комплекте)

DAZ.3D.DAZ.Studio.Advanced.v3.0.1.120.rar 100.00 Мб 57.[144-147]



Im Proud to bring you my "Myco-Z" Poser PP2 Prop/.OBJ Packs!
A whole fungus factory of vibrant colored and wild shaped toadstools and fungi both in singles and in different groupings
19 different models in all!
Comes in both Poser pp2 and .obj format packs
Poser Daz Vue Bryce Etc.
2048 X 2048 Textures
Fun and Easy to Use!

MycoZ.rar 46.21 Мб 57.[144-147]


Street Construction Set

A complete street construction set usable in any program that supports obj file format and in Poser 5 or greater with pp2 file format.

Each obj file can be imported directly in to Vue, Bryce or any program that supports the format.

The full set contains:
16 obj files
for use in any 3D modelling program
16 mtl files
material list for each obj file
10 high-res textures
1000 x 1000 to 2048 x 2048 px
16 pp2 files
for use in Poser 5 or greater or DAZ studio
Info: 27.55 Мб 57.[144-147]


Michael 3.0 Viking Pack

Формат obj
Редактор: Poser/Daz Studio
Размер: 15мб

Michael 3.0 Viking Pack.rar 14.82 Мб 57.[144-147]


Tribalistic Flames

Im Proud to present my "Tribalistic Flames" .Obj set! very fine filagree type geometry in flowing flame like patterns, 8 different models each with its own 2000x2000 texture. stack and combine them for an almost endless variety of flame patterns great for stylized flame effects. Poser Vue Bryce, any aplication that supports .OBJ import. 11.25 Мб 57.[164-167]


Roman Legionnaire

Full Description
Bring Caesar's army to life with the ultimate Roman soldier's uniform and armor. The Legionnaire allows you to capture the Roman Empire in all its glory. For use with Michael.

What's Included & Features
Fully conformable Poser figures including
Gallic style Helmet
Lorica Segmentata Armor
Gladius Scabbard
Pugio Scabbard
Balteus (Belt with protective apron straps)
Caligae (Roman sandals)
4 Poser Smart Props
Legionnaire's Helmet Crest
Centurion's Helmet Crest
1 Poser Prop

Roman Legionnaire.rar 4.30 Мб 57.[164-167]





Full Description

Over two years in the making,Stonemasons eagerly awaited Urban Sprawl 2 is here!,This is the largest city scene available, with every building a seperate prop & over 100 props included,includes both Poser and DAZ|Studio

What's Included & Features
109 Props
Urban Sprawl 2 for Poser and DAZ Studio (.PP2 and .OBJ) (.DAZ and .DSO)
!!UrbanSprawl2 (the complete environment with all props loaded)
!NESprawl (the north eastern section of !!UrbanSprawl2)
!NWSprawl (the north western section of !!UrbanSprawl2)
!SESprawl (the south eastern section of !!UrbanSprawl2)
!SWSprawl (the south western section of !!UrbanSprawl2)
!SWSprawl (the south western section of !!UrbanSprawl2)
ACUnit1 (free standing Air conditioner)
ACUnit2 (wall mounted Air conditioner)
BBallHoop (Basketball hoop)
Bollard1 - 5 (Five variations of street bollards)
Building01 - 22 (Twenty-two buildings,these are the buildings used in !!UrbanSprawl2)
Cable1 - 6 (Six variations of cables)
CardBoard1 - 3 (Three variations of cardboard trash)
Dumpster1 - 2 (Two variations of a Dumpster)
Fence1 - 6 (Six variations of Fences)
Mailbox1 - 4 (Four variations of Mailboxes,includes 'clean version')
ParkBench (Typical green painted park bench)
Powerbox1 - 3 (Three variations of powerboxes,includes 'clean' version)
Sign_1 - 29 (Twenty nine different street signs,from the classic 'stop' sign to fictional business signs)
SprawlGround (the road layout used in !!UrbanSprawl2)
StreetLamp1 - 2 (Two variations of a vintage street lamp)
StreetLight1 - 4 (Four variations of a modern street light)
TrafficCone1 - 2 (Two variations of traffic cones)
TrashBin1 - 3 (Three variations of rubbish bins)
VehicleCar (intended for background use)
Vehicletruck1 (intended for background use)
Vehicletruck2 (intended for background use)
3 Poser Light Sets (.LT2)
2 DAZ Studio Light Sets (.DS)
17 Camera Presets (.LT2 and .DS)

URBAN SPRAWL 2 THE BIG CITY.rar 201.22 Мб 57.[164-167]


Bryce:Streets Of The Mediterranean

Streets Of The Mediterranean

Full Description

The Streets Of The Mediterranean is the perfect romantic environment for your European getaway, inspired by the back streets & village alleys of old Italy.

What's Included & Features
Streets of the Mediterranean Scene
12 Buildings
3 Movable Roofs
1 Movable Interior
2 Movable Lamps
2 Posable Doors
3 Posable Shutters
1 Courtyard
15 Ivy vine plants
3 Potted Plants
2 Pottery sets
2 Walls
4 Stairs
Stair A With/Without Crates
Stair B
Stair C Arch/Pavers
Stair D With/Without Arch
43 Detailed Texture, Bump, Displacement Maps (up to 2048 x 2048)
DAZ Studio Complete Scene (.DAZ)
All props load in properly positioned and parented
3 Light Sets (.DS)
Lamp Lights
5 Camera Presets (.DS)
Poser Complete Scene (.PP2)
All props load in properly positioned and parented
Vue Complete Scene (.VOB)
All props load in properly positioned and parented

Streets Of Mediterranean.rar 165.53 Мб 57.[164-167]