The Sounds - Crossing The Rubicon

Исполнитель: The Sounds
Альбом: Crossing The Rubicon
Год выпуска: 2009 (2 июня)
Страна выпуска: US (New Line)
Жанр: New Wave
Формат: mp3 [VBRkbps] [rar]

01. No One Sleeps When I'm Awake (4:23)
02. 4 Songs & A Fight (3:23)
03. My Lover (4:23)
04. Dorchester Hotel (4:07)
05. Beatbox (4:00)
06. Underground (3:47)
07. Crossing The Rubicon (2:03)
08. Midnight Sun (4:28)
09. Lost In Love (5:02)
10. The Only Ones (4:36)
11. Home Is Where The Heart Is (5:09)
12. Goodnight Freedy (3:58)

Продолжительность: 49:15
Размер: 74 Mb


The Bishops - The Bishops


Lossless | mp3


Simian were an English electronic rock band, best-known for their 2003 song "La Breeze", which was featured in a Peugeot 1007 advertisement, and in the Dove film advertisement 'Onslaught'. The members were Simon William Lord (vocals, lead guitar), James Ellis Ford (drums), Alex MacNaghten (bass) and James Anthony Shaw (keyboard).

In 2000 the band recorded a cover version of the Prince song "Under the Cherry Moon" from his album Parade (1986). This song was released on the tribute album, If I Was Prince (2001).
The band split up in 2005 with Ford and Shaw forming the splinter group Simian Mobile Disco. The new group is more dance oriented and are in demand as remixers and DJs.]Lord is now in The Black Ghosts, an electronica act with DJ Touche from The Wiseguys.
In addition to producing records for Klaxons and the Arctic Monkeys, Ford is also the drummer for The Last Shadow Puppets, a group he formed with Arctic Monkeys' lead vocalist Alex Turner and Miles Kane of The Rascals. He also produced the Last Shadow Puppets' debut album, The Age of the Understatement which was nominated for the Mercury Prize
In 2006 the single "We Are Your Friends", which is a remix of their song "Never Be Alone", was released on a reactivated Virgin Records subsidiary label called Ten Records. This single was credited to 'Justice vs. Simian', and started life as a submission by the French electrohouse outfit Justice in a remix competition. The video for the single won the award for best video at MTV Europe Video Awards 2006. At the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006, fellow nominee Kanye West appeared on stage to complain about the Justice vs. Simian victory. West claimed that the prize should have gone to him, and that he was told prior to the event that he was going to win the award.

Chemistry Is What We Are (2001)
This was the debut album from Simian. It was first released in the UK on 9 July 2001 on Source Records and in the U.S. on 18 September 2001 on Astralwerks. The U.S. edition contained two bonus tracks, "The Tale of Willow Hill" and "Grey", that had previously been released in the UK as part of The Wisp and Watch It Glow EPs respectively.

Simian - We Are Your Friends (2002) [from Polotenchik].rar 55.29 Мб 49.[136-139]

This was their second album. It was released in the UK on 28 October 2002 (on Source Records) and in the U.S. on 29 October 2002 (on Astralwerks). The Japanese release (26 March 2003) also included the bonus tracks, "Out of Bed", "Coins" and "Reasons", the first two of which had previously been released in the UK as B-sides of the "Never Be Alone" single.


Blackbud - Blackbud 2009

Artist: Blackbud
Label: Independiente
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 197kbit
Size: 63.06 mb

Посмотреть вложение 482131

Track List:
01. Left Your Arms Empty 3:21
02. You Can Run 3:35
03. Wandering Song 3:29
04. Love Comes So Easy 4:24
05. So It Seems 4:39
06. Golden Girl 2:05
07. Road To Nowhere 3:49
08. Came Down Easy 3:55
09. Outside Looking In 4:05
10. Ill Be Here 4:10
11. Darkness 4:23

Blackbud.rar 60.06 Мб 48.[100-103]




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